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Chicago Corporate Housing News

Not your typical Chicago corporate housing provider

on Tue, Sep 10, 2013

Ryan Corporate Housing have currently a selection of five Chicago corporate housing properties; Locations include, Streeterville, River North, Loop, and Gold Coast.

Each selected property are based on location, luxury, and style. We hand select each apartment style based on functionality, views and space. 

Newer properties allow each guest full comfort utilitizing self controlled heating and AC anytime, specifically important when Chicago weather changes so drastically at times. This is opposed to older properties where temperatures are regulated by the building and possibly inconveniencing you during your stay.  These properties also offer the best 24-hour amenities to accommodate everyone's schedule with great city or lake views.

We receive more requests for fully furnished apartments on a daily basis than ever before. And being in the industry for well over 20 years, Ryan has noticed a trend on rate increases and availability. We noticed a trend of higher demand of upscale luxury style temporary housing. That’s where Ryan Corporate Housing comes in to fill that gap.

We keep no secret; everything is posted on our site from a full inventory list, floor plan, pictures of the actual apartment, and quality assurance procedures.  We do not cut and paste photos of model apartments from the properties and then post to our site. All our furnished apartments in our inventory are designed to be a model apartment.

The most important aspect of your serviced apartment search in Chicago is knowing what you want, where you like to be, and what is most important to you pertaining to the apartment. Most companies service the same buildings, however you will notice huge differences from the style of the apartment furnishings to what is included from utilities (such as caps) and various additional fees.  It's amazing to say that we have removed all the “a le cart” items and include literally everything with no hidden fees.  Items such as:

  • High end custom designer furnishings
  • Top brand electronics
  • Quality 400+ thread count linens
  • Unlimited utilities
  • Unlimited U.S. domestic calling
  • Expanded Cable with HD programming with DVR
  • Secured wireless Internet

We provide detailed information on each apartment giving you everything you need while staying in our corporate apartments. This is how we operate, direct with details and simplicity at its finest. 

If you are seeking a basic furnished apartment in Chicago for the cheapest rate, we may not be the right fit for your needs. If you prefer a custom designed furnished apartment that feels like home with personalized service, we are definitely the right Chicago corporate housing vendor for you.


Chicago Corporate Housing
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